It’s a marathon not a sprint


   The Left has been at it for a hundred years. The establishment Republicans have been at it since 2010. Folks this is a marathon. We have to remember that it’s going to take time to change the ways of Washington. Conservatives are on the rise once again, but we have to remember to be patient. One win at a time. That’s how the nut-job Progressives have done it over time. Now it’s our turn. But it will be a fight and it’s not going to happen over night. The damage that the Democrats have done to this country, especially in the last six years, has opened the door  to expose who they really are. This is a good thing for our cause.

  Tonight was a good victory for the state of Nebraska and hopefully for the country. Ben Sasse will end up in Washington. He will add to the growing number of voices that represent the Constitution and the people of America in Washington. Make no mistake, he will not be liked. The establishment Republicans are in a fierce fight to take down the Ben Sasse’s all over the country. So we not only are in a fight with the Left, but also factions of the right.

  All the articles and the opinion columns about how the Tea Party is dying a slow death just got a nice swift kick to the you-know-whats tonight. Good job Ben. Good job Tea-Party. Good job Nebraska. Watch out Democrats and the Karl Roves of the World because we’re coming for you.


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