The State of the Union



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Domestic Policy

  • Blanket Amnesty ( while growing the welfare state)
  • Burdensome regulations,
  • Land grabs,
  • Lawless judicial activism (Gay marriage, Obamacare, SB 1070),
  • The IRS scandal,
  • Fast and Furious,
  • Solyndra,
  • Benghazi,
  • Shutting down the coal industry,
  • Freezing and suspending gun manufacturers and other industry’s assets through the FDIC,
  • Political attacks on private citizens (Koch Brothers),
  • Taking over health care,
  • Nationalizing the school system (Common Core and the ridiculous lunch program)
  • Assaults on the Christian faith through Obamacare and other special interest Lefty nut jobs
  • The V.A. scandal


  • Massive deficits,
  • Massive quantitative easing,
  • Crony capitalism bailouts, (Wall Street, GE, AIG, Chrysler, GM, etc…….)
  • Stifling regulations (Sarbanes-Oxley, Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, etc……..),
  • Massive increases in the price of food, energy and other staples

Foreign Policy

  • Shrinking our military,
  • Withdrawing from the World stage,
  • Appeasing our enemies,
  • Abandoning our allies, (Israel, Japan, Taiwan, Ukraine, Etc…….)

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