The Real Reason Why The Left Hates Israel!


Many have written about this topic, and many have touched on valuable points when it comes to the Left’s hatred of Israel, but it can all be summed up with one word, “WEAKNESS”. The Left’s inability to broker a deal in the Middle East has in fact caused endless wars and death across the globe, and Israel is the easy target of their incompetent blame. The story is more complicated than one column can explain, but it involves the international Left, not just the kooks in the United States, but Leftism in general and it’s complete and total failures.
Without getting too far into the weeds of the historical blunders of administration after administration, around the World, let’s attempt to outline why the Left hates Israel.


  When the Brits decided to start de-colonizing after WWI, they attempted to lay out a strategy to divide up the land in the Middle East that would bring about, what they hoped, was a peaceful arrangement for everyone. One has to factor in that they were going broke from the war and still had strategic resource interests in the Middle East when they attempted the divide. The “Colonialist” label had also become a huge negative in British society, following generations of occupation around the World. Those occupations were perceived as the reason for the endless stream of conflicts that had found their way into British history books for multiple generations. A turning tide of Socialism was also growing in Europe and it took a deep root in Britain and across Europe. So with the political landscape evolving, and the state of economic affairs in Britain, it only made sense to reduce its presence in the Middle East and throughout Africa.

  By the end of WWII the financial situation in Britain, and across Europe, had turned to dire circumstances, and the political one as well. After many years of war, the British were willing to do just about anything to find peace, and the Brits needed a much deserved break from war to lick their wounds. With what had transpired during WWII, with the Holocaust, the World was especially sympathetic to the plight of Jews. Without getting too far in depth, there had been many more actors than Hitler on the stage that had contributed to the Holocaust. Some had willingly turned a blind eye to it, including some of the American press, such as The New York Times, who made a concerted effort to avoid World reports on the subject. (The New York Times was one of the most popular newspapers in the U.S. at the time) So in short, the World needed a place for Jews to call home, and thus Israel was born. (Unfortunately for them, it was smack dab in the middle of a hostile region that was sympathetic, and also contributors, to the Holocaust.)


  So that sets the stage for Europe. (It’s probably not necessary to go into Germany’s situation, or how the Cold War began, but it was a major contributor to the modern day Left’s hatred towards Israel.) So now let’s set the stage for America. The U.S. had its own atrocities to grapple with. From the Japanese internment camps, to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which ended the war with Japan, (All of which happened under Democratic presidents.), there was a worldwide shame towards the United States for how it had decided to end the war with Japan. It also cast a gray cloud and a perception of unfair dominance about the U.S. across the globe. The German front was a complicated environment to debunk, because we partnered with our enemy, Russia, to defeat Nazi Germany. (The rise of the U.S.S.R. was occurring as WWI and WWII played out.) And Russia wasn’t exactly the nicest guy in the room.

After WWII, there were only two economies left that hadn’t been completely decimated by the war. One was the United States, and the other was the newly formed U.S.S.R. There were minor economies, and important ones, but the main actors on the stage were the U.S. and the Soviets. The U.S. and the Soviets immediately brokered for control in the Middle East, and the main player on the stage was Egypt. (Nasser was a key player in the outcome of WWII and continued to manipulate the West against the East until he died of a heart attack in 1970.) All parties had a stake in the Middle East’s major global energy source, and also a strategic route for commerce worldwide.

  As time went by, war after war escalated in the Middle East against Israel and against rivaling countries within the Middle East, and the U.S.and Europe felt like they were losing their strategic footing in the Middle East, because of the alliance with Israel. But in fact, the U.S. and its allies were losing their footing in the Middle east because everyone refused to address the real 800-pound gorilla in the room. And that was the fact that the U.S., the Brits, the rest of Europe and Asia had created a monster. The World had aided in the rise of tyrants in the Middle East, and politicians were the last people on Earth that were ever going to admit, that in a time of so called peace, that they were responsible for reigniting war across the World.


  Administration after administration, both here and abroad, were engaged in a massive cover up of their own doing. As terrorism escalated throughout the World, from the 1950’s to the present, the majority of those involved at the time and to the present resorted to blaming Israel for their own weaknesses and stupidity. Israel was an easy target, because every time something happened, the tyrannical regimes throughout the Middle East would blame Israel’s unlawful occupation for their aggressions. So naturally, it was easier to claim relevance to the attacks then to address their own feckless and weak policies that had exacerbated the problem to begin with.

All presidents of the United States, from the beginning of the Cold War to the present, have failed miserably in the Middle East, except for one. Surprisingly it was Richard Nixon. Imagine how the Left must feel about that? He was a key player in pulling Egypt out of the iron grip of the U.S.S.R. and delivering them as a staunch ally to the United States. How did he do it? He backed Israel during the 1967 war, that decimated Israel’s neighbors and put the U.S.S.R on its heels, and he did it with brute strength and against the will of a Democratic congress. So you can see where the Left might have some animosity towards Israel considering that they have always been on the wrong side of the conflict in the Middle East. Not to mention that their choice of dealing with the problem has always made it far worse than it needed to be.

  Now that you know the background that has contributed to the growing hatred towards Israel, it might be easier to understand. The Left believes that if they say something enough times it will become the truth, regardless of their actions or the consequences. Israel is a constant reminder of the abject failure of Left, not only in the United States, but worldwide. It’s a tiny country that refused to take bad advice from Leftists and proved that it was the right thing to do. That’s why they’re still standing today, and that’s the real reason why the Left hates Israel.



Lyin Ted is the only one telling the truth, and FOX News is pathetic!


The endless push for Trump on the Fox new network has left me with two decisions. (1)-throw up in my mouth, or (B)-turn it off. I chose B. I honestly think that Fox is worse than CNN was during the 2008 push for Obama. I know that’s quite a statement, but I honestly believe it’s the truth. So that’s that.

I want to ask you Trump supporters some questions. Why doesn’t Trump know how the electoral process works? How is it that some of the caucus states cheated him delegates and others, that awarded him a winner take all, weren’t cheating? How did Ted Cruz lie about what happened with the Carson campaign in Iowa, when the Carson campaign and CNN put it out there for the public to see? When Trump was attacking Carson’s character, long before the supposed Cruz incident, didn’t you think calling Carson the equivalent of a pedophile might be worse than Cruz sending out an e-mail blast of what the Carson campaign had put out themselves? Is Trump a conservative? Is he even a Republican? If so, prove it. What has Trump done to support the conservative movement? If so, when? How exactly is the system rigged when Trump fails to secure delegates up for grabs, but he never seems to complain when his percentage of the vote is far less than the delegates he recieves in certain contests? Why doesn’t it matter when he attacks Carly Fiorina’s face, or makes grotesque statements about Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle? How is it that Ted Cruz is the quintessential Establishment candidate, and in the same breath John Boehner is Trump’s texting and golf buddy?

Now I want to ask you to compare Trump to Cruz. Which one of them was the only one that went to the House of Congress to lobby against the Gang of Eight bill? Which one of them informed the President of the United States that he would personally obstruct all future nominees, of any kind, until international flights were restored to Israel during the 2015 conflict with Palestine? Which one personally called Mitch McConell, exactly what he is on the floor of the Senate? Which one clerked for a Supreme Court justice? Which one fought nine cases in front of the Supreme Court, and one of them against the Bush administration? ( The Bush administration was trying to cede power to the U.N. over a rape/murder capital punishment case in Texas.) Who is hated more in Washington D.C., Trump or Cruz? Who funded liberal Democrats in the past? Which one knows the true “Art of the Deal” inside the Beltway? Which one them can decipher a piece of legislation without the help of a team of lawyers, because he happens to be one of the top lawyers in the country? Which candidate is afraid of debating the other one?

I mixed a few questions in there to make sure you were paying attention, but the fact remains that there is only one of them that has any idea what the hell he is truly up against, if he does win the presidency. The other one hasn’t got the slightest clue that most deals will have been made before they reach his desk.

If you want to continue to defend the indefensible, that’s up to you, but when the whole shit house goes up in flames, because your candidate can’t even figure out how the electoral process, let alone the role of the President of the United States, don’t bother looking for a place of redemption among all of us that told you so. The truth is, is that you’re pissing away the most conservative contestant in the race for a liberal Democrat from New York. And that liberal Democrat hasn’t got the slightest idea of what kind of a shit storm he is about to walk in to.

It’s not about the candidate. It’s about you.


None of these people can solve your problems.  Bernie wants to give you free college. That sounds great but who is going to pay for it? Answer: You are. Think about it this way- Who is going to pay the light bill at these universities if college is free? Who is going to pay for the administrative staff, the professors, for the books, the lease on the land, the building upkeep, and on and on and on? Some might say, “Well we’ll tax the rich”.

Politics 101- When politicians say they are going to tax the rich, they mean you. They’re going to tax you. This same principle can be applied to health care, or anything else that the government claims it wants to give you. The government has to take it from somewhere before they can give it to you. The government has no money. It has your money, and this idea that the government is going to make the rich pay for everything is naive. We have a $17 trillion economy and about $10 trillion is in the middle class. The government takes up to $6 trillion a year and the so-called rich take in around $700 billion. Now if you were the government, where would you go if you needed enough money to support a massive program that provides for everyone going to college, or that needs health care? I’ll let you decide.

So Bernie wants to give you free college. We’ve already established that’s never going to happen without massive tax increases on you. Also, the price will continue to skyrocket under government control. It already has. The reason the cost of college and health coverage are going through the roof is because the government absorbs 60% of every dollar to administrate what it is that it’s implementing. So it has $0.40 to give to you for every dollar that you would have spent 100% on. On top of that, there is no competition to drive prices down, or control costs.

Let’s move on to Donald Trump. He claims he’s going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it. He claims he’ll use tariffs to accomplish this. A tariff is a tax on you. The host country of the tariff pays the tax, not the exporting country. Yes that causes prices to go up on the export, but you pay it. So the reality is that “YOU” are going to pay for the wall, not Mexico. This same principle can be applied to China and whoever else “The Don” thinks is ripping us off.

Trump also claims he’s going to bring jobs back from overseas. How? Is he going to impose a tariff on American companies that manufacture overseas? Well we’ve just established how a tariff works, so who gets hurt the most? The company, or you?

Hillary Clinton wants to expand government run health care, even in the face of rising costs at 140% from when the government implemented the Affordable Care Act. She parrots Bernie’s call for college to be free, and we’ve already established that myth. What else is she telling us she will do for us? Is she going to stick it to the rich and evil corporations? Well, we’ve already established she really means you. She’s going to stick it to you. Her ideas are nothing new. In fact they’re archaic. The Clintons and the Sanders of the World have been beating the same drum since they were protesting the government, as 20 year olds, back in the 1960’s. According to them back then the government was the problem. Now it’s evil corporations and the rich. What they really meant back in the 1960’s is that the government wasn’t doing enough. It’s the same message as today if you think about.

And last, but not least, is Ted Cruz. Cruz is a constitutional conservative. In Washington D.C. language, that means, “He’s a Nut”. So anything that he would attempt to do as president will be sabotaged by both political parties, because the truth is that they like things the way they are. Both Democrats and Republicans like the fact that you need them to get through your life. In fact, they’re the ones that have been passing laws for decades to insure that you need them to swoop in and fix all the injustices that they caused. Think about it.

In summary, the real power is in you, not any politician running for president. The majority of the power to change things will come from you. And the majority of that will be done at the local level, not the federal level, because we’ve already established that they’re the ones intentionally causing the problems that you want them to fix.

The After Action Report

This election cycle has caused, otherwise, sensible people to act in insensible ways. It’s clear to me, and anybody with an ability to use rational thought, that the current frontrunner in the Republican primary is a complete and total fraud. With the recent interviews exposing his idiotic pandering to liberal kooks on the issue of grown men in dresses being allowed to pee next to little girls and taxing the so called “rich”, that he has exposed himself to be who Ted Cruz says he is. Trump is a New York liberal, who has infiltrated the Republican primary process, and we should believe Donald’s campaign manager when he says that the Don is merely pretending to be who he needs to be to win votes from people he considers to be idiots.
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