It’s not about the candidate. It’s about you.


None of these people can solve your problems.  Bernie wants to give you free college. That sounds great but who is going to pay for it? Answer: You are. Think about it this way- Who is going to pay the light bill at these universities if college is free? Who is going to pay for the administrative staff, the professors, for the books, the lease on the land, the building upkeep, and on and on and on? Some might say, “Well we’ll tax the rich”.

Politics 101- When politicians say they are going to tax the rich, they mean you. They’re going to tax you. This same principle can be applied to health care, or anything else that the government claims it wants to give you. The government has to take it from somewhere before they can give it to you. The government has no money. It has your money, and this idea that the government is going to make the rich pay for everything is naive. We have a $17 trillion economy and about $10 trillion is in the middle class. The government takes up to $6 trillion a year and the so-called rich take in around $700 billion. Now if you were the government, where would you go if you needed enough money to support a massive program that provides for everyone going to college, or that needs health care? I’ll let you decide.

So Bernie wants to give you free college. We’ve already established that’s never going to happen without massive tax increases on you. Also, the price will continue to skyrocket under government control. It already has. The reason the cost of college and health coverage are going through the roof is because the government absorbs 60% of every dollar to administrate what it is that it’s implementing. So it has $0.40 to give to you for every dollar that you would have spent 100% on. On top of that, there is no competition to drive prices down, or control costs.

Let’s move on to Donald Trump. He claims he’s going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it. He claims he’ll use tariffs to accomplish this. A tariff is a tax on you. The host country of the tariff pays the tax, not the exporting country. Yes that causes prices to go up on the export, but you pay it. So the reality is that “YOU” are going to pay for the wall, not Mexico. This same principle can be applied to China and whoever else “The Don” thinks is ripping us off.

Trump also claims he’s going to bring jobs back from overseas. How? Is he going to impose a tariff on American companies that manufacture overseas? Well we’ve just established how a tariff works, so who gets hurt the most? The company, or you?

Hillary Clinton wants to expand government run health care, even in the face of rising costs at 140% from when the government implemented the Affordable Care Act. She parrots Bernie’s call for college to be free, and we’ve already established that myth. What else is she telling us she will do for us? Is she going to stick it to the rich and evil corporations? Well, we’ve already established she really means you. She’s going to stick it to you. Her ideas are nothing new. In fact they’re archaic. The Clintons and the Sanders of the World have been beating the same drum since they were protesting the government, as 20 year olds, back in the 1960’s. According to them back then the government was the problem. Now it’s evil corporations and the rich. What they really meant back in the 1960’s is that the government wasn’t doing enough. It’s the same message as today if you think about.

And last, but not least, is Ted Cruz. Cruz is a constitutional conservative. In Washington D.C. language, that means, “He’s a Nut”. So anything that he would attempt to do as president will be sabotaged by both political parties, because the truth is that they like things the way they are. Both Democrats and Republicans like the fact that you need them to get through your life. In fact, they’re the ones that have been passing laws for decades to insure that you need them to swoop in and fix all the injustices that they caused. Think about it.

In summary, the real power is in you, not any politician running for president. The majority of the power to change things will come from you. And the majority of that will be done at the local level, not the federal level, because we’ve already established that they’re the ones intentionally causing the problems that you want them to fix.


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