Is America about to get what they need, or what they deserve?


  “Clowns to the left of me. Jokers to the right. Here I am, stuck in the middle with you”. 

Those words could never be more relevant than they are today. With the 2016 presidential election winding down to two Democrats that will take to the battle field to find out which one can convince the American people that their lies aren’t really lies, and the truth is the biggest lie of all, we’re about to find out what happens in a society when the messiah complexes out ways common sense, and a complete and total illogical perception of the role of our federal government in these United States of America takes us to a level of buffoonery in politics that makes me regret that I ever wanted to climb out of the blissful darkness of ignorance and educate myself for my supposed own good.

  Whether you identify as a Republican, or a Democrat, your political party may end up winning the presidential election and all the down ballot races, but make no mistake about it, you’ve already lost, and lost big! This election was a test from the good Lord up above, who is asking us the same question he has asked so many failed societies before ours, and that is, “Will you worship me or will you worship a king?” Unfortunately for us, we’ve made the same mistake that the rest have, as they lie on the smoldering ash heap of history. (Insert the applause and laugh track here.)



  The two candidates that will square off for the presidency in the Fall are equally unqualified to work a cash register at a 7/11, let alone be the next President of the United States. Sure Trump is a billionaire who started out as a millionaire, but that doesn’t mean he has the slightest notion of a clue as to how to be president. Hillary has seen the inner workings of the Executive branch, but the highest point in her service to our country was throwing ashtrays at Bill Clinton, in the White House, because he wouldn’t stop screwing the interns. So we’re left with these two morons. Out of 320 million people in the United States, this is the best the country could come up with.

 Bernie fans feel cheated, and they were. (That’s what you get for being a Democrat.) Cruz supporters are shaking their heads, as one more defeat to conservativism adds to a very long list of hopefuls who have attempted to warn the country with the truth and were mocked and laughed at as liars and failures. (That’s what you get for being a Conservative.) That’s fine. “That’s the nature of politics”, as they say. (Who the hell are, “They” anyways?) But what does that mean for the country? I’ll tell you what it means. Our healthcare system is going to be devoured by the federal government. Costs will continue to rise, and quality will continue to fall. And with either candidate in the White House, Congress will become irrelevant to stop it. The Supreme Court is going to enter into a renewed radical phase of the Warren Court legacy. And it will stay that way for the next generation, if not longer. Taxes are going to hit record highs, and the economy will continue to bump along the bottom for the next 4 to 8 years. Deficits will continue to soar, as spending will go completely unchecked on the fear of a dreaded government shut down. (Except only 17% of the government shuts down when the government is shutdown. And it’s the 17% that neither you nor I can identify.) Our children will continue to eat cardboard for lunch in our nation’s failed government run education system. Trade wars will re-ignite globally, as will kinetic wars and the prosperity of a once thriving nation will slowly begin to burn out like the bright torch of Liberty being soaked with the ignorance of a naïve and delusional electorate.


news-logos Some parts of this new America will be interesting to watch. The Left is always crying about inequality. Well, we now definitely have equality of stupidity in the media. All throughout the general election we’ll see FOX News (The newly ordained Trump Super Pack) and the rest of the blogosphere, that lobbied for Trump in the primary, attempt to defend the orange faced, blond tarped big mouth that we the Republicans have come to accept as our nominee for President of these United States of Socialist America. FOX News will have an increasingly difficult time with the fact that the Left has already said that 80% of the dirt they have on “The Don” hasn’t even hit the T.V. screen yet. The Drudge Report will faithfully cover all of this from its new found warped perspective. And the rest of the not so conservative-conservative sites will follow along aimlessly, just like the Left did when they backed their messiah in Barrack, Hussein, Milhouse, Bonito Obama.

  Meanwhile, on the Left, the boobs over at MSNBC, CNN, and the rest of the alphabet news networks will be engaged in their own form of hysterical, delusional denial, attempting to persuade us that Hillary Clinton is not a reckless felon and an idiot, but in fact, she is a qualified, well-tempered stateswoman that has the country’s best interest in the deepest places of her over-flowingly compassionate heart. The boobs on the Left will also have the same uphill battle with their messiah if there’s a revolt within the FBI for not indicting Hillary. If that happens, there will be massive leaks to the press from anonymous sources from inside the FBI, and maybe even some from the State Department that have grown to hate Hillary’s guts, just like almost everyone that has had the great displeasure of working for her. (And if you don’t believe me, just Google it. There’s an entire library of Secret Service officers, military personnel, police officers and Bill’s ex-girlfriends that have written books, articles, and have done countless interviews about how much of a sweet little gem she is.) Both sides will know that they’ve failed to actually be professional journalists and inform the American people of the huge mistake we are about to make, but who cares?

 franklin2  Ben Franklin once said, “This is a great system if you can keep it, but if the day comes when the American people decide they want tyranny, they’ll get that too.” (Or something to that effect.) All of World history has warned us against bringing our political system to dramatic swings in one direction or the other. When that begins to happen, it means that a country is losing control of itself. The next thing that happens is the government swoops in to protect the people from themselves. When in fact, it’s really just institutionalizing control over society. And it’s almost always in the name of the good of the people. Immigrants from Cuba, Russia, Portugal, China, Romania, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Africa, India and any other country you can imagine have come to this country and they have attempted to warn us not to go down this road. These people have lived it. They know what’s at stake, and how fast a society can be gobbled up by a tyrannical central government. And once liberty is lost, it’s almost impossible to get it back without a massive amount of blood in the streets.

 So with our Roman Senate, our House of Commons, The Oligarchical radicalism of a Warren court and the soon to be elected mighty mini despot, we will embark on this journey aboard the USS Never Float to the bottom of the deep dark depths of Socialist hell, to once again prove that the Left is always wrong, even when their pretending to be on the Right, and even when they claim to be a Republican.

  Before you race off to run a warm bath and grab that pack of shiny new razor blades, let me tell you the good news. The good news is, is that nothing is ever over. The country will still be called America and most of those with their heads stuck in the sand won’t even notice the difference. The bad news is, is that nothing is ever over.





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