It Doesn’t Have A Damn Thing To Do With Transgenders!

       ” The Real Motive Behind Obama And The Progressives!”

All of the things that the Obama administration, and more importantly, the Progressive movement are doing, and have done, is meant to de-stabilize society. It’s not about trans-genders, poor people, women’s rights and all around fairness for every disparate group you can think of. It’s about softening up the majority of society to capitulate and conform to the Progressive agenda. The most recent example is Obama’s dictate that all schools, across the country, must comply with his opinion on how to handle trans-genders in the bathroom. And it’s going to get a whole lot worse in the next 6 months to come.

For Obama, it’s a mad dash to the finish line before he runs out of time in the Oval Office. The Iran deal, immigration issues, Obamacare, eviscerating the military, employing an out of control E.P.A., employing an out of control I.R.S., punishing his adversaries and rewarding his allies isn’t enough for him. His goal was to completely disrupt society and to destroy the patriotism and culture of this country. His goal was to promote the indefensible and to dismiss the defensible. Convicts aren’t convicts. Men dressed as women aren’t really men dressed up as women. Illegal aliens aren’t illegal aliens (they’re un-documented workers). Iran isn’t evil. Israel isn’t an ally. Discrimination is only discrimination if it goes against American heritage and historical fact. Women don’t receive equal pay for equal work, even though women receive equal pay for equal work. Gay marriage is a civil right, even though gay marriage is not a civil right.

The ideology behind Obama and the modern Progressive movement is deeply rooted in Saul Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals”. Alinsky was the inspiration behind Obama, Clinton and all of their sycophants. He believed, that in order to change society, you must turn it on its head. He believed that you must perpetuate the lie enough times until it becomes the truth. Down must become up. Right must become wrong. Wrong must become right. Night must become day, and day must become night. The purpose of the lie is to destroy the truth. To get people to second guess everything about their culture and to engrain a false need for change. (“Hope and Change”- Does that ring a bell?) Society must second guess everything about themselves until they become disoriented and confused about what is right and what is wrong. At that point the leaders of the movement can step in and guide them safely to the promised land of their version of Heaven on Earth.

So why would someone want to destroy the truth? Why would they want to perpetuate a lie? Because they have to tear down the walls of society to re-build them for a different purpose. A purpose that supports a cause that society would otherwise reject if they were aware of what the purpose really was. Have you noticed how every so called, “Cause”, has to do with a minority of the population? Have you noticed how the majority of the population must now conform to a minority of people? Why? Because society must be conditioned to seek the approval of a few for the good of all of society, under the guise of fairness. But what if that so called, “fairness”, completely disrupts the way society works? Answer- That was always the objective.

Think about this- Does the price of health insurance care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican? If a pervert rapes your wife or daughter in the women’s bathroom, because he pretends to identify as a woman, does it really matter if you’re a Republican or a Democrat? If an illegal alien gets your job, does it matter if you’re a Republican or a Democrat? If the majority of babies killed by abortion are black females, does it matter if you’re a black female Republican or a black female Democrat? If the Federal Government sues you because you refuse to service a gay wedding, does it matter if you’re a religious Republican or a Democrat? If you’re a poor person, and the price of food triples because of energy prices, does it matter if you’re a poor Republican or a poor Democrat?

The truth is, Obama and the Progressives don’t care about any of those things. They don’t care about gay people, trans-genders, women, blacks, equal pay, energy, illegal aliens, or any of you that believe that they’re your voice. They care about the “Cause”. (In reality, they think you’re stupid. That’s why they targeted you in the first place.) So what is the “Cause”? One word- Communism. (Or Socialism, if you prefer.) A system of government that controls the means of production and dictates how society will function. A system of government, in which, a few elites decide what health care you get, what neighborhood you live in, how many cars you can own, who goes in what bathroom and what you can or can’t say and do at any given time. A cradle to grave system that centralizes power in the hands of a few masterminds that know better than you on how you should live your life.

The way they achieve this is by tearing down this society and creating a void that they, and only they, can fill. This, of course, is to right the fabricated wrongs and to preserve the false integrity, defined by them, in order to save society from itself. And if you don’t believe any of what you’ve just read, just look at the results of their policies. The war against poverty has been raging on for 60 years, and $22 Trillion dollars later, and there’s the same amount of poor people now as there were 60 years ago. Women who have the “Choice” to kill their child in the womb has eliminated 300,000 children from the population per year and the suicide rate among women who have the “Choice” to kill their child is 6 times higher than those who choose to not kill their child in the womb. Minimum wage laws have caused more unemployment among black youths than before there were minimum wage laws. (It’s caused all youth unemployment to go up, but especially in poor black communities.) Test standards have been lowered and the government has taken over the college loan industry, and all it’s done is result in the fact that recent graduates can’t find a job, because they don’t possess adequate skills from their deprecated degrees, and their loan debt has skyrocketed.

So what was the purpose of all of these programs if they didn’t work, and in most cases, made things worse? Answer- It doesn’t matter if they worked. The goal was to create dependency, not to solve a problem. That’s always been the objective. (“Never let a good crisis go to waste”, as Rahm Emanuel once said.) Do you think that Obamacare was designed to help people, who couldn’t afford insurance, to be able to afford it? Well the price of insurance has gone up, not down, for everyone including the un-insured. And there are as many people uninsured today as there was before they implemented the law. No, the purpose of Obamacare was to destroy the system that existed so that they could create a single payer system that government was in control of. When Obamacare fails, it’s a win, not a loss, for Progressives. Because then they’ll be able to blame evil insurance companies and expand government overreach, and the eventual take over, of the entire healthcare industry. And that was always what they had in mind.

So don’t think for one second that it ever mattered to Obama, or any of the Progressives, which bathroom you decided to piss in.


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